Our Structure

Innovations and comfort for our employees and customers are all part of Copa Café's work process, with the aim of providing the best experience when selling and storing the best coffees in the region! Our own warehouse has the capacity to store 45,000 60kg bags (2,700 tons) and process 1,500 60kg bags per day (90 tons). 

Our commercial and administrative office works together with the warehouse, being in the same location in Manhumirim. We are currently opening a new office in Espírito Santo, where we will also work with the trade and export of peppers and coffees.



Act in the coffee production chain with reliability, innovation and partnership before producers, customers, employees and society.


To be recognized as the company that offers the best coffee business options for producers, traders, customers and importers.


Ethics, Transparency and Legality;
Control, Confidence and Dynamism;
Respect and equality among all people;
Continuous improvement and joint development;
Preservation and respect for nature.