Our History

We are a genuinely Minas Gerais company, committed to offering our customers the best grains, harvested on family farms in the Matas de Minas region. There are drinks of varied qualities, with a superior selection, strengthening local culture.

We are a company with experience in creating blends sold on the national and international market, quality coffees under the Copa Café brand. In 2018, we began our exports. Since then, more than 500 thousand bags have been sent to more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe and the Americas.

Our Home

Our coffees are of the Arabica and Robusta variety, grown in areas with mountainous and irregular topography, at altitudes above 600 meters. The mild climate of the territory, combined with the technological evolution of the artisanal processes developed in the region, result in coffees of artisanal quality and a diversity of flavors and nuances.

Production is naturally sustainable, marked by the predominance of family farming, the direct and indirect economic and social impact and natural integration between man and the forest, cultural factors present in coffee growing in our region. The region is a pioneer in artisanal quality, manual work and techniques developed by producers to produce high quality. The result of this work is a diversity of nuances and different flavors, present in our coffees, which today stand out in the main national and international awards.